Rett syndrome is a psychoneurologic genetic disease that occurs almost exclusively in girls with a frequency of 1: 10,000 - 1: 15,000. Boys with Rett syndrome are born very rarely.

The disease is named after the Austrian neurologist Andreas Rett, who described the clinical picture of the syndrome in 1966.


The development of the child is normal up to 6-18 months, but then the girl begins to lose the acquired skills of speech, movement and socialization. The characteristic for this diagnosis are stereotypical movements of the hands (rubbing or «breaking» without a decisive character). Patients begin to lose verbal skills. There is a low psychological tone. The child's face gradually acquires a sad, absent expression, the gaze becomes defocused or aspiring to a point in front. The movements become inhibited, but a violent laugh can happen together with attacks of impulsive behavior. Patients also have epileptic seizures. These characteristics recall the behavior of children with early childhood autism.

Rett syndrome is a genetic disease that requires both intensive rehabilitation and daily work with a specialist in preserving and acquiring new skills.

The specialists of the Cosmosuit center will develop an individual program of intensive rehabilitation for the maintenance and development of motor (especially walking) and cognitive skills. Children with Rett syndrome will benefit from Adeli therapy, Ugul therapy (in cases of scoliosis), physiotherapy, massage, neuromotor development and other rehabilitative procedures offered in the center.

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