Guillain-Barre syndrome defines a group of rare post-infectious neuropathies, which usually occur in healthy patients.

The syndrome was made famous by the work of two French doctors Georges Guillain and Jean Barre, who first described the disease.

Guillain – Barre patients  show relatively symmetrical muscle weakness (flaccid paresis) of the muscles of the legs and arms, paresthesia of toes and hands. In severe cases, paralysis of respiratory and cranial muscles occurs, often with marked vegetative disorders.

In the acute phase of the disease, urgent hospitalization of patients in intensive care units is mandatory. Early rehabilitation activities such as massage, physiotherapy and other physiotherapeutic procedures (paraffin baths, magnetotherapy, radon and hydrogen sulfide baths, electrostimulation, etc.) are necessary.

Some patients are completely restored, others have severe motor problems, up to the inability to move and walk independently 6 months after the onset of the disease.

This is why it is necessary to contact the specialists  of Cosmosuit rehabilitation center as soon as possible to draw up a competent individual rehabilitation plan and restore the lost functions!

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