Cosmosuit is an international clinic that provides rehabilitation for children and adults with neurological disorders.

Cosmosuit team works with scientists and medical specialists that developed the original Adeli suit and method of intensive neurological rehabilitation based on its use.

Extensive knowledge of medical science and vast experience in neurorehabilitation helped us to create our own approach to complex physical rehabilitation of neurological patients of different age groups, from infants and children to adults and elderly people.

Cosmosuit rehabilitation program is a mix of traditional methods of neurorehabilitation and unique developments of space medicine.

At the beginning of the course Cosmosuit’s leading neurologists develop individual rehabilitation plan for each patient, which is implemented by a multidisciplinary team of pecialists.

The main idea of opening our own rehabilitation center is to achieve positive results in patients' conditions due to correct execution and use of original Adeli method.

Due to the well-organized teamwork of highly qualified specialists and the use of unique rehabilitative equipment, we can proudly state that Cosmosuit is currently one of the most effective rehabilitation methods in the world. Most of our patients notice improvements already after the first week of intensive rehabilitation.

We are fully responsible for the results of rehabilitation and take care of our patients both professionally and personally. We are motivated by a desire to help and are ready to do everything possible to achieve the best results and significantly improve quality of our life of our patients.

Cosmosuit is based in a spacious 600 square meters building in the historic city of Vigevano, one of the most beautiful and famous cities in the north of Italy. Vigevano is located just in 30 km from Milan. It is surrounded by the beauty of the Piedmont Mountains and offers many opportunities for a pleasant pastime and relaxation after rehabilitation. Good weather, delicious food, architecture and history are additional benefits of rehabilitation in Italy!

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