The approach and set of elements for effective rehabilitation are unique for each patient and determined by the severity of neurological conditions and movement disorders of patients


 Leading experts in neurological rehabilitation who are the pioneers of Adeli method in the world provide  consultations for patients in Cosmosuit


Cosmosuit is equipped with the most modern and effective means of rehabilitation of patients with various diseases of locomotor apparatus of cerebral origin

Neurological rehabilitation in Cosmosuit

Cosmosuit centre was founded by the Russian medical specialists who developed the Cosmosuit device and Adeli method known as one of the most effective methods of neurological rehabilitation for children and adult patients.
Cosmosuit neurological rehabilitation is a new concept for Europe. Our special feature is the application of the unique mix of the best international techniques of rehabilitation along with taking advantage of the state-of-art equipment developed by leading Russian scientists in the fields of space medicine and medical rehabilitation.

Our team consists of specialists of medical, social and educational profile who focus their attention on the needs of both patients and their family members involved in the daily rehabilitation and social adaptation of the patient.

Over 40 years of experience in neurological rehabilitation and 15 000 children treated by our specialists all over the world allowed us to create the method of rehabilitation that proves to be highly efficient day by day .

Cosmosuit treatment is based on the following key aspects:

  • Intensive rehabilitation
  • Complex treatment
  • Individual approach to each patient
  • Aim for the long-term positive effect
  • Care after the patient
More than 100 leading

techniques of rehabilitation

25 highly trained specialists

working in our centre

More than 40 years of experience

in neurorehabilitation


Cosmosuit vision

The multidisciplinary approach guarantees a balanced decision on the most effective complex of rehabilitation that takes into account a comprehensive assessment of the patient’s condition and needs. While high level of professionalism of Cosmosuit specialists ensures positive effect and constant progress of our patients after rehabilitation.

We are ready to provide you with the most advanced and effective neurological rehabilitation in the world!


Contact Info

For all the enquiries from patients living outside Italy please contact us at:


Phone: +447445223277, +447463210828

International office address: Flat 18, 75 Vauxhall Bridge Road, Aubrey Beardsley House, SW1V 2SP, London, United Kingdom

Cosmosuit Rehabilitation Institute address : Via G.Verdi n.37B, Vigevano, Pavia, Italy

Tailored individual approach to each patient is the key of rehabilitation in Cosmosuit centre.